Professional Experience

Masters of Engineering Management, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN

Masters of Biomedical Engineering, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, CAD / CAM Option, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

2017 – Present: Ragin’ Cajun Consulting LLC, Memphis, TN
Founder & Principal Engineer
RCC is a product development consulting firm helping innovators and inventors take their ideas from concept to commercialization. Services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design and Development
  • Design Control and DHF Management
  • Intellectual Property Landscape and Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Services including Medical Devices

2013 – Present: Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN
Adjunct Professor – MBA Program
Currently teaching a three-course Project Management Certification program within the Masters of Business Administration Degree Program and a course in the Healthcare MBA Program.

  • PMGT 681 – Project Management
  • PMGT 682 – Project Management, Organization, Planning, and Leadership
  • PMGT 683 – Project Analysis and Control
  • HMBA 613 – Supply Chain Management and Project Management in Healthcare Systems

2017 – Present: AgInnovation Development Group, Memphis, TN
Startup Mentor
Mentor for agriculture based startup companies

2012 – 2017: MB Innovations, Inc., Memphis, TN
President & COO
MB Innovations, Inc. ("MBI") is a medical technology development and manufacturing company, providing research, design and development services for established firms on a fee-for-service basis. MBI also creates and manufactures its own technologies and intellectual property to be the basis for new venture formation and job creation. MBI's presence in Memphis utilizes the region's workplace and logistics advantages in the medical device field, especially the musculoskeletal disease sector. The proximity to Memphis-based research and development capabilities is an important strategic advantage. MBI's team of accomplished engineers and surgeon advisors accelerates the time to market through a focused approach to product development.

2014 – 2017: View Medical, Memphis, TN
View Medical is an intraoperative lighting technology company and a recent graduate of the ZeroTo510 Medical Device Accelerator in Memphis, TN funded by MB Venture Partners and Innova.

2009 – 2011: Paradigm Spine, LLC, Memphis, TN
VP, US Operations

  • Oversight of US Manufacturing Activities and Memphis Inventory Facilities (Millstone)
  • Oversight of US R&D activities
  • Oversight of US Regulatory affairs
  • Liaison with Legal and IP on all patent activities
  • Liaison with Marketing and Field Operations on all publication activities
  • Liaison with Paradigm Spine GmbH on all quality activities
  • Contributed to all US Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, including clinical study enrollments & PMA filings

2008 – 2009: Active Implants Corporation, Memphis, TN
Chief Operating Officer

  • Successfully closed $10M C-Round of funding in April 2009
  • Exceeded 2008 revenue projection for TriboFit® Acetabular Buffer system - $1M in sales
  • Worked alongside CEO and CFO with FORTIS Bank in the Netherlands to prepare Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and conducted Fundraising road shows in Netherlands, France, and England
  • Finalized Global Manufacturing Agreement with Joint Replacement Instrumentation Ltd in the UK for all implants
  • Set up Global Logistics Network with Fed/Ex in Eindhoven to supply our EU distributors in Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany

2008: Active Implants Corporation, Memphis, TN
Vice President of Global Operations

  • Responsible for the global manufacturing and production planning for the European commercialization of the TriboFit™ Modular Hip System
  • Established, advanced, and maintained all internal and external processes and operations necessary to produce and distribute all company products
  • Developed global supply chain to support current and future product introductions


2007 – 2008: Medtronic Spinal & Biologics, Memphis, TN
Group Director of Product Development, Intradiscal Division

  • In May 2007 assumed responsibility for all Interbody implants (Cervical and Thoracolumbar) and an 11-member product development team
  • Oversight of $4.2M R&D budget
  • Intradiscal products represented approximately 30% or $550M of MS&B revenues
  • Served as General Manager for Millennium Biologics Acquisition
  • 2007 Circle of Excellence Winner for the Best Product Launch by a team – VERTEX MAX™ Posterior Cervical Spinal System Japanese Product Introduction
  • Responsible for driving new material platforms for intradiscal applications that included CaP bone substitutes, HA coatings, and porous PEEK
  • Led the integration of the Cervical and Thoracolumbar teams into one cohesive Product Development team
  • Worked with Marketing to develop 5 to 10 year Product Pipeline to integrate new materials and biologics into the Intradiscal Product Portfolio

2006 – 2007: Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Group Director of Product Development, Cervical / Trauma Division

  • Assumed responsibility for the Interdiscal as well as the Posterior Cervical Engineering Team
  • Managed $2.5M R&D budget
  • Products under management represented $250M in US revenues
  • Directed the product development efforts for the next generation VERTEX SELECT™ Posterior Cervical Spinal System
  • Led the development efforts for three new Cervical Interbody Implant systems

2004 – 2006: Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Director of Product Development, Cervical / Trauma Division

  • Directed Posterior Cervical Engineering Team
  • Launched VERTEX MAX™ Posterior Cervical Spinal System – the number one posterior cervical spinal system in the US
  • Worked with Key Opinion Leaders to layout next generation system to accommodate degenerative, deformity, and trauma indications
  • Led effort to design and protect intellectual property in the field of Minimally Invasive Posterior Cervical Surgery and Dynamic Stabilization of the Cervical Spine
  • Worked with Medtronic Surgical Navigation to design and develop a system of instruments and implants to utilize image guided technologies to treat posterior cervical pathologies
  • Managed KOL consulting agreements and worked with Legal to acquire necessary license agreements and IP acquisitions as needed by the business unit

2003 – 2004: Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Director of Product Development, Interbody / Ortho / Motion Technologies Division

  • Managed engineering team of five (5) engineers and annual product development budget of $2.4M
  • Launched first PEEK spinal implant – PEEK LT Cage™ with FDA approval via PMA supplement
  • Launched the PEEK Verte-Stack™ Vertebral Body Spacer, PEEK Telamon™ Vertebral Body Spacer, CATALYST™ Instrument set, Modular Spreader System, HOURGLASS™ Vertebral Body Spacer, and the HYDROSORB™ family of resorbable implants
  • Initiated a European Clinical Study comparing the PEEK Telamon™ to the HYDROSORB™ Telamon™ in a Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF) model
  • Corporate member of the Trauma Spine Study Group that worked with spine surgeons to design and develop instruments and implants to treat spinal trauma

2001 – 2003: Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Senior Manager, Product Development, Interbody / Ortho / Motion Technologies Division

  • Managed engineering team of five (5) engineers and annual product development budget of $2.4M
  • Responsible for New Biomaterials Development Initiative to get Resorbable and PEEK polymer implants to market
  • Conducted preclinical animal studies to determine radiographic, histologic, and biomechanical performance of these new materials
  • Corporate member of the Lumbar Spine Study Group that worked with spine surgeons to promote the use of new materials in the lumbar spine

2000 – 2001: Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Manager, Product Development, Technology Development Division

  • Managed Global Product Development Team of engineers and surgeons for the COLORADO 2™ Spinal System
  • Responsible for working with US and International KOLs to evaluate, test, and launch the system in the US with FDA approval
  • Corporate member of the Spinal Deformity Study Group that worked with deformity surgeons to refine and promote the concept of Fusionless Scoliosis treatment

1998 – 2000: Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Senior Product Development Engineer, Technology Development Division

  • Selected to be part of new division entitled Technology Development with the mission to “develop, design, or acquire technologies and products with a targeted launch 3 to 5 years out”
  • Worked with KOL Surgeons to design, develop, and patent three concepts for Fusionless Correction of Scoliosis
  • Conducted necessary biomechanical testing and preclinical animal studies for FDA submission of Fusionless Scoliosis Systems
  • Received FDA approval for the first shape memory alloy implant – the SMA Staple

1997 – 1998: Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Product Development Engineer, Thoracolumbar Division

  • Designed, developed, and launched the CD Horizon™ Multi-Axial Screw System, PYRAMESH™ Surgical Titanium Mesh System, PLIF Instrument Set, and the Low Profile MULTI-SPAN™ Crosslink System
  • Maintained Design History Files per Quality System requirements and conducted pre-launch product evaluations with KOL surgeons
  • Worked with Regulatory department to obtain necessary FDA approvals for launch

1995 – 1997: Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN
Associate Product Development Engineer, Thoracolumbar Division

  • Provided engineering support for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital (TSRH™) Spinal System
  • Designed and developed auxiliary instruments and implants as dictated by the surgeon customer
  • Conducted implant and instrument optimization via ProEngineer CAD, ProMechanica FEA, and biomechanical testing and cadaveric evaluations

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